Windsor Sleep Disorders Clinic
55 Edinborough St Windsor, ON. N8X 3C3 | 519-258-0585

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Windsor Sleep Disorders Clinic


Our clinic offers a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for our patients with various sleep related medical disorders. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to patients experiencing various sleep disorders. We are equipped with modern bedrooms and recording equipment, resulting in optimal patient comfort and observation. Bedrooms are wheelchair accessible, equipped with a double bed, vanity. Shared bathrooms and showering facilities are available. For pediatric studies, in room single beds are provided for parents who are required to spend the night with their children.

Address: 55 Edinborough St Windsor, ON. N8X 3C3 * Former location of the Teutonia Club

Phone: 519-258-0585
Fax Number: 519-258-6304
Business Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri
Weekends Closed